The State of Marketing Technology Winter 2015: Cost of ownership and return on investment

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The State of Marketing Technology is a series of reports, each on a different aspect of the martech industry. Your investment in one report includes all four, quarterly reports, starting with Fall 2014. Buy now, and we'll send you details on how to access the other reports in the series.

In this edition of the State of Marketing Technology, we look at the total cost of ownership across the most popular martech categories and show the ROI attributable to each of them.

  • Which categories and tools provide the biggest return, and which are a waste of money?
  • Which are the most expensive to own?
  • Which tools might be best suited to your size of organization, and which should you discount from your selection criteria?
  • And how do ROI levels change during different stages of marketing and sales?

We also look at different approaches to marketing technology management, including insights on the shift from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, and uncover the reality of how many marketing technology projects fail to return on their investment.

What you can expect to get out of this report

  • Marketing technology product usage data and analysis
  • Average sales and marketing role salaries, split by level of employee
  • A comprehensive overview of TCO across all major martech categories
  • In-depth analysis of payback periods
  • Comparative return on investment by product and category
  • Extended analysis of CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation
  • How many companies are failing to achieve a return on martech investment
  • Detailed analysis of ROI across advertising channels and industries

This is the second study in of our four-part State of Marketing Technology series, which is being released quarterly. While this report stands on its own, you will gain additional insight and benefit from reading part one before delving into this edition.

Data this report is based on

We analysed 2,119 marketing technology users, reviewing data from over 100 products. We combined the results of that analysis with salary information from 7,227 sales and marketing staff. Then we analyzed over 18 billion ad impressions, 70 million ad conversions totalling almost $300 million in online purchases, 2 million martech product logins, affiliate transactions from 1.5 million websites, and pricing data across 13 major marketing technology categories.

The result?

A complete report on the current state of cost, payback and return within marketing technology.