Mobile User Acquisition: How the most successful developers get better users for less money

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We've published a new report (August, 2015) on Mobile User Acqusition. If you'd like to purchase both reports, please contact us to receive a report bundle discount.


Over 2,500 apps are submitted to the three big app stores every day. Hoping to be the next "big hit" these developers have worked months and in some cases years to prepare their app.

But the sad truth is, most apps fail. Almost 70% of apps will generate less than 5,000 downloads and 60% will never be updated after release.

To uncover the "secret sauce" that separates the winners from the losers we surveyed 230 app developers with 9,000 apps and 397 million mobile users on what's really working in mobile user acquisition right now.

At the end of our study, we had enough data to pinpoint the exact winning strategies the top developers employ.

For example, we discovered a method that only 5% of developers use that results in users with LTV's worth $26 and up.

Meanwhile, the most-favored method generates users who are 66% sub-$10 LTV, and 17% zero LTV.

We also discovered several proven approaches to reach the most desired result -  whales with LTV's over $75.

In this report, we’ll share the techniques and strategies used by the most successful developers with the largest number of monthly active users, which will help you tweak your user acquisition efforts to both reduce costs and improve lifetime customer value (LTV).

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