Mobile marketing: What's wrong, what's at stake, and how to build a strategy for success

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In this report and practitioner guide, we find that marketers are aware of the need for a connected mobile marketing approach, but most still are not taking steps to conduct their mobile marketing in this fashion, regardless of budget levels and size of company.

In this report, we detail the synergies involved in creating a connected mobile marketing program, including:

  • The user acquisition (UA) methods that work best

  • The importance of app store optimization (ASO)

  • How to leverage paid installs to boost organic acquisition

  • Engaging and monetizing users

  • How to track app data

  • How to continually improve your mobile advertising

  • Vendors you can use to achieve your goals

What to expect from this report

To build this report we surveyed 127 mobile marketers about their current and planned marketing investments, where and how their budgets are allocated, and how integrated their mobile marketing efforts are.

We also assembled some of VB Insight's best thinking on mobile to help you break down your own internal silos and start down the path toward holistic mobile marketing.

Get this report in order to:

  • Understand the future of app marketing

  • See the synergies between organic and paid user acquisition

  • Unravel the complexities of the mobile ad ecosystem

  • Maximize your monetization opportunities

  • Master mobile analytics and measurement

  • See how the experts succeed

  • Benchmark your performance against industry leaders

  • Get tips on how to pick the right vendors to optimize your mobile marketing