Mobile Marketing Automation: How the most successful apps drive massive engagement & monetization

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The biggest apps and the most successful enterprises do things differently. Mobile marketing automation is how Subway Surfer improves monetization. It's how Starbucks engages deeper with its customers. And it's how Plants vs Zombies gets you back.

We surveyed 375 mobile developers with over 900 million monthly average users to find the best mobile marketing automation platforms. Then we analyzed 1.8 million apps in Google Play and the iOS app store, conducted 23 live interviews, and surveyed 21 MMA providers.

The result is the most complete report on mobile marketing automation available.

Here’s what you’ll get in the report:

  • a definition: what is Mobile Marketing Automation, and how is it different from app analytics?

  • a comprehensive overview of the 23 top players, including Urban Airship, Adobe, Salesforce, Localytics, Kahuna, Swrve, Upsight, and more, including what features developers use most and publisher feedback on the results of using their systems

  • the 17 key product features of MMA systems explained

  • an inside look: which apps and publishers  are using MMA

  • deep insight into what MMA achieves for those publishers

  • candid comments about where MMA falls short

  • the big picture: MMA market penetration data

  • report on vendor market share: who's winning, and who's poised to make huge moves

  • VB Insight’s best bets for 

    • Enterprise

    • Mobile games specifically

    • Mobile First/Only companies

    • SME

    • Omnichannel

This report is massive — over 20,000 words, about 100 pages, and 49 graphs and charts. However, it’s built so that you can click into interesting sections while ignoring others, so you can simply surf the report for the components you need most.

Mobile marketing automation is the fourth in a series of mobile-focused research reports from VB Insight. The previous reports are:

Our goal is to help mobile marketers, growth experts, developers, and publishers get the information they need to make smart decisions that will grow their users and revenue.