Mobile App Analytics: What winning mobile developers use

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Building a great app is step one. Acquiring users is step two. Engaging and monetizing users is step three.

But how can you engage and monetize when you don't know what's going on?

App analytics solutions are the answer. Or, more accurately, the hundreds of answers ... since there are many, many options for mobile developers to consider. But which ones are going to deliver the kind of value that will allow you to properly engage the users you acquire, understand what they're doing, provide the value they're seeking, and enable you to monetize your app?


"This report was well worth it. The piece was thorough and insightful, and allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the analytics SDK landscape and how it interacts with the attribution side which I'm much more familiar with. The report allowed me to gain deeper knowledge of attribution adn complemented that with a broad introduction to attribution."

- App Install Lead - Mobile Strategy @ AOL


250 million users
To answer this question, we asked 230 app developers with 250 million currently active users how they track app data, what works best for them, and what doesn't work.

1.8 million apps
We also partnered with MixRank to get access to SDK, ratings, and download data for over 1.8 million apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

What we've learned:

  • Google Analytics is essentially a monopoly on Google Play ... but it's the primary analytics solution for only 30% of developers
  • Flurry owns iOS ... but has its own challenges
  • Most developers use more than one analytics solution ... and the more successful they are, the more try that is
  • Some solutions are studs on one platform, and duds on another
  • Twitter is deep; Facebook is broad
  • At a certain scale, some developers prefer to roll their own
  • Some of the best solutions are provided by the smallest competitors

What you'll get in this report:

  1. The top 15 analytics solutions ranked and rated on each platform
    1. market share
    2. ratings of apps using each solution
    3. big app market share
    4. a combination score that takes into account both user ratings and install/uninstall ratio
  2. Even more detail on the top 5 beside Google and Flurry on both iOS and Android: what we call the "mighty mites"
  3. The app analytics package that has .2% market share on Android, but is used by 7 of the top 20 grossing apps on Google Play and 8 of the top 20 grossing apps on iOS
  4. The best analytics solutions when you take out market share and only focus on ratings and install/uninstall ratios
  5. Analytics engines used by the top 20 apps on each platform
  6. Developer insights
    1. Most overlooked app analytics methods
    2. What developers want most from analytics
    3. The most important features of app analytics solutions
    4. Why some analytics solutions are churning and losing developer share
    5. Developers and data: yes, they care
    6. Speed matters ... and developers switch solutions for more of it
  7. KPIs that matter, and KPIs that don't
  8. More importantly, which KPIs matter most to the most successful developers
  9. Most important features in analytics solutions