Marketing Technology Winners and Losers: Adoption Numbers From 40M+ Companies

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The marketing technology universe continues to grow and change. Watching the winners and losers as markets shift is a good indicator of momentum — or lack thereof — just as funding injects new life or incubates newcomers.

This report examines vendor growth or loss in the following six categories over the month of June 2015. Overall, growth is up in every category:

  • Marketing Automation: 4% growth
  • Email Marketing: 3% growth
  • Analytics: 5% growth
  • Tag Management: 9% growth
  • Ecommerce: 2% growth
  • Web Personalization: 7% growth

In order to create this report, we used data from Datanyze, which crawls over 40 million websites for “tags,” or snippets of code, that indicate the presence of certain technology. In addition to crawling tags and embed code, Datanyze also looks for SPF records, as it’s common for email marketing vendors to have an SPF signature. Taken together, these help determine whether or not a site is using a particular technology.

For each category, we take a look at what growth means, who is winning and losing, and why. Each category section also includes a table of data. In the first column of each it shows the rank in terms of either highest (top) or lowest (at the bottom) percent growth. In the second column it shows the rank in terms of overall presence (you can see column four for the actual numbers). Here's the smallest category, Tag Management, for example: