FB v GOOG: Who’s really winning in digital video?

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Every single day, the world's internet users spend well over 150,000 aggregated years reading, watching, clicking, liking, and commenting on digital content on the two global superpowers of digital content's sites: Facebook, and Google's YouTube. And every single day, more and more of the world's $600 billion advertising spend moves from TV and other legacy media to digital.


One of the hottest battlegrounds is digital video. Mobile video advertising has jumped 5X in past months, and video offers the clearest path for TV's $172.5 billion in ad spend to go digital. Facebook's been staking a claim here, and media outlets have been proclaiming Google's demise.

But what does the data say?

In this report, you'll find:

  • how big Facebook video actually is
  • how much bigger YouTube is
  • Facebook's strategy: how it can win
  • how much video content YouTube and Facebook deliver every single day, globally and in the U.S.
  • why this battle matters
  • how mobile-centric YouTube is today
  • which Americans choose as their primary video platform: YouTube or Facebook
  • where millenials and youth are trending
  • the future of digital video
  • what content providers and marketers should do

All together, the insights will help inform marketers and content providers making their next steps in digital video.