Email Personalization: A vendor landscape overview and selection guide

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For marketers, email remains the marketing ROI leader. For consumers, it remains the preferred channel through which to receive information from brands.

Yet email is seeing a decline in click rates because people have less time and patience. And Silverpop has found that more than 50% of people unsubscribe from email lists because the content is irrelevant, too frequent, or both.

Personalized emails counter this trend. 

Email personalization dramatically increases open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and revenue... yet most marketers are leaving money on the table by not adopting personalization strategies.

Email personalization is not new. But it’s a vague topic. It can get complex, involving a wide scope of data, content, and technology. But lack of information can be the greatest challenge of all — many marketers simply aren’t aware of the scope of possibilities. 

This report focuses on the email personalization vendor landscape. What type of vendor can best help you, and how? Vendors from a variety of categories — from marketing automation platforms, to email service providers, to web personalization vendors —provide varying email personalization capabilities.

Which types of vendors are most relevant to your business? Next, which specific vendors are relevant to your company size, type, industry, and marketing maturity?

Notes: Some vendors declined to disclose certain customer details and have been estimated. Actito, a smaller Belgian vendor, said most customers were enterprise although we could not verify.

This report looks at vendors through the perspectives of:

  • Which data sources are customers able to tap for email personalization?
  • Is personalization prescriptive or adaptive? (i.e. rules-based vs. automated)
  • Is there a predictive element involved, like lead scoring?
  • What integrations are available, and which are most important?

Practitioners looking for a better overview of email personalization, including key challenges, strategies and tactics, best practices, and benchmarking will want to look at the Email Personalization Practitioner Guide. That guide also contains a maturity framework for improving personalization efforts incrementally, rather than through one-off tactics.

Both reports include survey data from 506 marketers using personalization across multiple channels, 256 marketers using email personalization specifically, and 33 vendors providing some form of email personalization capabilities. We also interviewed 14 vendors and email experts.

Vendors included in this report

Below are the vendors included in this report. Note that this is not, of course, an all-inclusive list, as we’re looking at several different categories. These categories include others we’ve written about individually, such as email marketing, marketing automation, and marketing clouds.

1. Act-On Software


3. Adobe

4. AutoPilot

5. Barilliance

6. Blueshift Labs, Inc.

7. Boomtrain

8. Campaign Monitor

9. Canopy Labs

10. Certona

11. Constant Contact

12. Drip

13. Dynamic Yield

14. Epsilon

15. eTrigue

16. Evergage

17. Experian Marketing Services

18. GreenRope

19. HubSpot

20. Infusionsoft

21. Intercom

22. Iterable

23. LeadSquared

24. Marketo

25. Movable Ink

26. Pleisty

27. RichRelevance

28. RightOn Interactive

29. Sailthru

30. Salesforce

31. SAP

32. Selligent

33. SharpSpring

Here is the same list of vendors categorized by vendor type:

Cross-channel personalization vendors

  • Barilliance
  • Blueshift Labs, Inc.
  • Boomtrain
  • Certona
  • Dynamic Yield
  • Pleisty
  • RichRelevance
  • Sailthru

Email personalization

  • Movable Ink

Email Service Provider

  • Campaign Monitor
  • Constant Contact
  • Epsilon
  • Evergage

Marketing Automation Platforms

  • Act-On Software
  • AutoPilot
  • Canopy Labs
  • Drip
  • eTrigue
  • GreenRope
  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Intercom
  • Iterable
  • LeadSquared
  • Marketo
  • RightOn Interactive
  • Selligent
  • SharpSpring

Marketing Clouds

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Experian Marketing Services
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • SAP Hybris