Email Personalization: A CMO Guide

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Email personalization dramatically increases open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and revenue... yet most marketers are leaving money on the table by not adopting personalization strategies.

For marketers, email remains the marketing ROI leader. For consumers, it remains the preferred channel through which to receive information from brands.

Yet email is seeing a decline in click rates because people have less time and patience. And Silverpop has found that more than 50% of people unsubscribe from email lists because the content is irrelevant, too frequent, or both.

Personalization counters this trend.

Personalization is not a new concept, but it is possible today like never before, thanks to the amount of customer data available. And just as email remains the most important channel for most marketers, it is the channel where personalization is most used.

This CMO guide provides an overview of email personalization and what you will find in the corresponding Practitioner Guide and Vendor Landscape.

How to use our reports: 

  • The CMO Guide (free with registration)  – Find out whether email personalization is right for you with this high-level landscape, use case, and vendor overview.
  • The Vendor Guide ($499) -- Ready to invest? This report cuts through the complexity so you can find the right tools.
  • The Practitioner’s Guide ($499) -- Dig into the strategies, tactics, best practices, and benchmarking to make your personalization programs a success.

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