Identity and marketing: Capturing, unifying, and using customer data to drive revenue growth

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Modern marketing is customer-centric. Rather than one-way, generic message broadcasting, marketing today is about personalization. But knowing who each customer is and what she cares about is a major challenge.

The challenge has two parts:

  1. Data collection - picking up the digital breadcrumbs from each customer interaction
    (80% of consumer-facing companies don’t understand their customers beyond basic demographics and purchase history.)

  1. Data unification - tying together customer details from various databases
    (96% of marketers say that building a comprehensive single view of customers is a challenge.)

This report explains

  • Why customer identity is more critical than ever for marketing
  • The challenges of collecting and unifying customer data
  • Key tools for capturing customer data
  • Best options for enriching existing customer profiles
  • Methods and technologies to unify customer data
  • Major technology categories used to manage and consolidate identity 
  • Specific recommendations according to your needs

This report is informed by:

  • A survey of 506 marketers about identity and personalization
  • 27 vendors and brand interviews

We talked to the following companies:

  1. Autopilot
  2. Avari
  3. BlueConic
  4. CallidusCloud
  5. Certona
  6. Criteo
  7. Demandbase
  8. Dun & Bradstreet – NetProspex
  9. Evergage
  10. Experian Marketing Services
  11. H2O
  12. Hubspot
  13. Integrate
  14. Intercom
  15. Janrain
  16. Lattice Engines
  17. Lytics
  18. Optimizely
  19. Reflektion
  20. Sailthru
  21. Salesforce
  22. SAP Hybris
  23. SDL
  24. Segment
  25. Tealium
  26. The La Jolla Group (parent company of O'Niell and Metal Mulisha)
  27. Thunderhead

The report is approximately 5,000 words and 27 pages