Conversion optimization: how to win at performance marketing

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 "CRO - outside of the cost of the tools to help you manage the process – is essentially free. It helps you to get the most from the traffic you are already generating. It assists you in gaining conversions from the email lists you already have.

It is the marketing equivalent of the smart salesperson that spends 80% of his or her time working on existing customers, rather than the colleague that chases across the country trying to find all new business."

The practice of gaining as much as possible from existing traffic, visits, reads, and views is becoming a serious business, and a raft of tools are carving out their place in the field.

So who is winning, who is losing, and how can you get the most from the available tools?

To find out, we:

  • Surveyed 2,938 CRO tool users
  • Studied CRO tool penetration data across 3.1 million US websites
  • Combed through vendor websites, pricing structures, and capabilities
  • Collected examples and best practices from CRO practitioners
  • Analyzed nine major CRO techniques across 36 vendors


What you can expect to get from this report:

  • What is CRO anyway?

  • The best solutions for each major CRO tactic

  • The techniques, tactics, definitions, and metrics that matter

  • The ROI being generated by CRO tools

  • Features of 36 major CRO tools, and how users score their functionality

  • CRO tool penetration data, including what size of companies are using them

  • How much companies intend to invest in CRO next year

  • The future of CRO: predictions

  • The skills you need to win at CRO 

In addition, we’ll go in-depth into each solution, revealing what techniques CRO proponents use them for, how they are priced, how satisfied users are with them, how they score for each major feature, and what types of business use each product.

At over 17,000 words and 120+ pages, this is one of the most extensive studies of CRO tools ever created.