Buyer’s Guide: How to navigate the email marketing landscape

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You've got mail.

It’s been a long time since any of us have waited for the whir of the modem to finish making those other-worldly noises, revealing the three magical words. But the potency of the feeling of a full inbox remains the same. We, as consumers and business users alike, are obsessive checkers of email - with near pathological frequency.

More simply: email remains the most effective marketing channel for businesses to communicate with their customers in clear and direct ways.  By some estimations, users of email marketing systems are achieving $38 in ROI per $1 spent. If you’re a business with a base of customer records, and you’re not sending them emails with the right set of tools (plural) for your business, you’re losing money, period.

To this point, we have yet to find a guide that puts the myriad of email technology partners on notice for what they can and can’t do, what they do well, and why they should or shouldn’t be recommended to specific use cases.

So we created one. This report represents by far the most data-backed guide for email marketing systems today.

What you will get in this report:

  • An overview of the email marketing vendor landscape
  • A directional guide to the types of tactics winners employ: keys to success
  • How to craft your RFP through specific vendor evaluation criteria
  • A look into innovative alternatives to traditional ESPs
  • Best bet vendors for SMB, mid-size, and enterprise across industries
  • In depth overviews of nearly 70 vendors

We don’t intend for you to read this whole report. Scan it, flip through the table of contents, and take what you need to build your short list of potential partners.

Who this report is for:

  • Anyone who sends emails for marketing purposes, regardless of company size
  • Email marketing technology partners looking to better understand their customers’ needs and investment priorities, or otherwise looking for broad industry data on their competition

With hundreds of solutions available (well over 300, just for marketing), certain vendors have emerged with clear specialization for industry categories like retail, or . This guide will shine light on clearer categories of vendors and the markets they best service.


Sample detailed vendor overview: