Brands and mobile advertising: How to win

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Billions of smartphone users have downloaded 350 billion apps. We spent 76% more time on those phones in 2014, and even more in 2015 -- significantly more time than we spend watching TV.

Following the trend, mobile advertising is skyrocketing. Video advertising has jumped by a factor of five in just the last 12 months. And the amount companies have spent on mobile ads in Q1 this year almost beat out Q4 2014 … the Christmas quarter.

But while all those numbers are up and to the right, brands are not taking advantage. Mary Meeker has identified a $25 billion mobile advertising gap, but for many, mobile is terra incognita.

Hence this report.


"There's so much valuable information and insight in this report, that my team and I will certainly use it for upcoming mobile projects."

- Digital & Activation Strategist @ Allen & Gerritsen


This report is for brand marketers and agencies … any marketers who are new to mobile and wondering how to win in this new space: to generate new sales to new customers, and keep old clients who are migrating away from the desktop.

What you’ll get from this report:

  • 12 ways to win: best practices in mobile advertising

  • an understanding of the complexities of the mobile ad ecosystem

  • the knowledge you need to avoid fraud

  • a quick-start playbook: how to begin, how to succeed, how to continually improve

  • 5 ways to lose: what doesn't work

Included in this report you will find:

  • How The CW achieved 80% engagement with its mobile ad

  • How you can get instant advertising ROI data

  • How to use geo-location to get a 3.7X retail visit lift

  • How Pandora achieved 4X engagement with its ads

  • How a hardware retailer used video to get 3X brand recall over TV 

  • How Disney used interactive video to get 7X better engagement 

  • How one of the most famous social media wins in history was a failure, according to its creator

  • And much, much more, with examples from eTrade, State Farm, Google, Jaguar Land Rover, and other brands

To create this report, we included data from dozens of studies with over 500 million ad impressions, plus a survey of 1,501 Americans.