Big Data, Meet Dumb Data: How CMOs are driving value from more (and less) data

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One of the biggest challenges CMOs face is finding insights from large data sets. We talked to marketing technologists, and our research suggests that larger datasets don’t always mean better insights.

This report showcases

  • the tools CMOs use to sort through data analytics
  • how segmentation is critical for success
  • how more customized tools are helping winning organizations find the “smart data” in a sea of “dumb data”

We look at solutions that are growing, how information is used in different industries, why contextual search and market basket analysis are much less important than you might think, and how important automated data sanitization is for CMOs. 

VentureBeat Insight surveyed 757 respondents on their marketing analytics practices, and the results might surprise you. Market segmentation is still king, and it is not necessarily the feature set of an analytics product that makes it a good fit; rather, it is ease of use and a quick learning curve that resonate.

What you'll learn from this report:

  • How others are successfully leveraging big data.
  • How you can use big data effectively in your organization.
  • The top solutions for analyzing big data.
  • Why more data doesn't mean better data.