B2B Mobile Marketing: the power, the pain, the potential

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Where is digital marketing going? How fast are marketers moving to mobile? And, does mobile work for B2B marketers?

Those are all questions this report examines and answers.

You'll learn:

  • The tools marketers are using today for B2B mobile marketing
  • What mobile marketers are focusing on for the future
  • How much mobile marketing budgets are increasing for B2B marketers
  • The core integration challenges for mobile marketers -- and where vendors are failing them
  • The gap between adtech and martec ... and how to bridge it
  • The biggest overlooked method of mobile B2B marketing
  • And ... why you need to talk to your finance department right away

We talked to 169 marketers who focus on B2B to compile this report. Those marketers represent a combined $183,000 in just monthly mobile spend alone.