Email Personalization: Increase opens, clicks, and revenue with the right strategies and technologies [A Practitioner Guide]

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Email is the marketing ROI leader and the preferred channel for customers to receive information from brands.

Yet email is seeing a decline in click rates because people have less time and patience. Silverpop has found that more than 50% of people unsubscribe from email lists because the content is irrelevant, too frequent, or both.

Personalized emails counter this trend.

In a survey of 257 email marketers, the vast majority reported increased open rates and click-through rates (CTR) by employing some form of email personalization. This includes even the most basic personalization tactics:

Greater relevance from email personalization also reduces unsubscribe rates. AgilOne has found that unsubscribes result in an average loss of 60% of future lifetime value (LTV). The unsubscribe rate also affects your sender reputation score — which affects your overall email deliverability — so lowering the number of unsubscribes is another critical metric.

And email personalization increases revenue even more than opens and CTR. Experian Marketing Services has found that subscribers who receive personalized content have not only higher opens and CTR, but a 6x increase in transactions.

Personalization vendor Rich Relevance has found that while average customer email click-through rate is 2.5 times higher using personalization compared with non-personalized emails, revenue is an average 5.7 times higher.

In short, email personalization has tremendous ROI.

What to expect from this report

In a survey of 506 marketers using personalization, four in five marketers reported personalizing emails.

But most marketers are employing only experimental or unsophisticated efforts. Without advancing to more mature efforts, most marketers are leaving money on the table.

Email personalization can get complex, involving a wide scope of data, content, and technology. But lack of information can be the greatest challenge of all — many marketers simply aren’t aware of the scope of possibilities.

Fortunately, getting started with email personalization is easy and there’s plenty of low hanging fruit.

In this report you will learn key challenges, benchmarks and what your peers are doing, strategies and tactics, and best practices for email personalization.

You will also learn how to increase the maturity of your email personalization efforts incrementally, not just through one-off tactics.

This report includes survey data from 506 marketers using personalization across multiple channels, 256 marketers using email personalization specifically, and 33 vendors providing some form of email personalization capabilities. We also interviewed 14 vendors and email experts.