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Social media management: Tools, tactics ... and how to win

In a world where the customer is constantly connected to social networks, understanding that space and the tools that help drive s...


Mobile Games Monetization: What successful game developers do differently

Successful game developers do different things. They use different monetization companies, they use different monetization strateg...

Mobile App Analytics: What winning mobile developers use

Building a great app is step one. Acquiring users is step two. Engaging and monetizing users is step three. But how can you engage...

Mobile Marketing Automation: How the most successful apps drive massive...

The biggest apps and the most successful enterprises do things differently. Mobile marketing automation is how Subway Surfer impro...

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Marketing Technology

The State of Marketing Technology Fall 2014: Attitudes, usage and investment

In a world where 1,400+ products are vying for attention, the current state of marketing technology is also a confusing one for ma...

Big Data, Meet Dumb Data: How CMOs are driving value from more (and less) data

One of the biggest challenges CMOs face is finding insights from large data sets. We talked to marketing technologists, and our re...

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Peter Warman

CEO, Newzoo

As a long-time VB/GB fan, I am thrilled about the opportunity to share our free insights as well as full reports through VB Insight's platform.

Brian Solis

VB Insight's model reflects the importance of real-time data in a real-time world. Why wouldn’t you want insight in how to excel or to become more relevant?

Wanda Meloni

CEO M2 Research

It’s the piece I’ve been missing.